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  • perfect for a wide variety of eCommerce needs. http://enva.to/XiCf5F
  • affordable Zen Cart Templates, perfect for a wide variety of eCommerce needs
No burn-in image Lower price and larger sizes
Almost twice the life span 50,000 hours  Shows fast motion video better
compared with a plasma 30,000 hours Wider color spectrum
Crisper image Usually higher contrast ratio
Lower weight 40% lighter and produces less heat and operates quieter Tends to produce brighter whites and slightly more vivid colors
Lower power consumption (30% less) More power consumption than LCD

Brightness and Contrast:
LCD displays perform better than plasma displays under higher ambient-lit conditions. LCD displays absorb ambient light while plasma displays reflect the ambient light. The contrast of both displays is reduced under these conditions, LCD is reduced to a much higher degree for the plasma.

Many 42" plasma displays have a native resolution of 852 x 480 (16:9), and others have a native resolution of 1024 x 768. LCDs are capable of higher resolutions within the same size parameters and have a native resolution of 1280 x 768 and 1920* 1080 pixels. The native resolution affects how much information can be displayed on the screen at one time.

Color Reproduction:
Plasma displays have a larger color spectrum than LCD displays, new technologies are being developed that will improve the color spectrum of LCDs. In the NTSC color spectrum, the plasma display has better green representation, while the LCD has better red and blue. The color spectrum of displays varies between LCD and plasma manufacturers and is also affected by other devices such as DVD player, computer video card, etc. in the graphics system.

Brightness and Color Uniformity:
LCD displays use backlights that consist of many fluorescent bulbs, many precautions have to be designed into the diffusion layer to distribute light evenly. To prevent ?hading spot many bulbs and more than one diffusion layer are used. The result is a uniform image in both brightness and color, which is different than the LCDs of the past and comparable to the uniformity of a plasma display.

Image Retention or "Burn-in":
There are many concerns with both LCD and plasma displays when using a static image. LCDs can exhibit a phenomenon known as image retention. Image retention is caused by a pixel being in the still image state for an extended period of time, causing a small charge to remain in the cell in the still image state, similar to a memory effect. However, this phenomenon is not permanent in LCDs. Plasma displays use phosphor and can suffer from phosphor burn-in, although some manufacturers include pixel-shifting technologies to reduce the chance of this happening, the end result is permanent. When phosphor burn-in occurs in plasma displays, the phosphor material is damaged and this cannot be removed.

Power Consumption:
The energy cost to operate an LCD or plasma display can be a determining factor in large installations. Large-screen LCDs continue to be the more cost-effective solution in regards to power consumption when compared to plasma. In general, LCD monitors provide a 36% decrease in wattage and costs for all time lengths listed below compared to plasma displays.

Digital Signage Advantages:
- Customizable Messages
- Utilization of Real Estate
- Great Return on Investment
- Save Time and Money
- Attract Attention

How IDEX USA LCD PCTV implement Digital Signage?
- Utilizes high-def LCD integrated PC with DVD built-in player
- Media delivered via a TCP/IP connection
- Integrated software resides on the LCD PC
- Accepts multiple video inputs
- Screens can be updated at same time or individually from a remote system
- Customized messages based on time, events, demographics and more!
- Display graphics, text, sounds, and full motion video
- We work with World Digital Signage Leaders, contact us for bundled software & hardware all-in-one digital signage total solutions!

More technical questions about our LCD PC multi-PiP TV products.
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